Need Somewhere to Go to Watch the World Cup? Get in on the Action at Joe Zone!

The World Cup is one of the, if not the biggest, global sporting events to watch. And this year’s World Cup is going to be incredible. Qatar is hosting the soccer (or football) championship event this year. Fiercely enthusiastic and loyal fans hailing from all over the world will buy tickets to experience this once-in-a-lifetime match, too. But if flying to Qatar isn’t going to fit into your schedule, you'll probably be looking for somewhere a little closer to home to watch the tournament series. So, where will you be tuning in to watch the World Cup?

You could host your own World Cup party in your home. But that requires planning, maybe even a bigger television, and a whole lot of clean-up and hassle. You could head up to your local establishment and beg the bartender to turn up the volume so you can hear the plays. Or, if you really want a unique place to gather, celebrate, and enjoy the World Cup this year, round up your friends and fellow FIFA enthusiasts and head over to Joe Zone! It’s World Cup time, and Joe Zone has everything you need to make watching the big match memorable, fun, and exciting.

The Official Details for the World Cup 2022

The New York Times recently covered a host of World Cup questions for this year’s big day. If you’re not entirely up to date on who’s in, who’s not, and what to expect, here’s what you need to know.

When is the World Cup? The exciting tournament begins with four matches on November 21st and kicks off 12 days of non-stop soccer action. There are eight stadiums hosting in Qatar, jam-packing four matches each day until the final, December 18th. 

Who are the favorites in the team lineup? Right now, those favored to win include Spain, France, England, and Brazil. Also at the top of the qualifier list are other team favorites, including Argentina, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Only eight countries have ever been declared World Cup winners, and seven of those nations are in this year’s lineup, all hungry for another victory.

What other teams made the cut? Qatar is hosting, automatically qualifying its team for the tournament. After some back and forth, COVID-related delays, and other considerations, 31 other teams will get to play. In addition to the big teams already mentioned, Canada and Mexico are also in this year. Ukraine narrowly missed its chance to compete, and Russia has been told it isn’t welcome.

When will the US play? The United States does have plenty of World Cup experience and these guys know what they’re up against in 2022. The athletes from the US take the field on November 21st for the first day of play, facing Wales. They’ll play England four days later, on “Black Friday.” After that, the Americans will be matched up with teams advancing from Group A, which includes Qatar, Senegal, the Netherlands, and Ecuador.

Where Will You Be Watching This Year's World Cup?

So, this Thanksgiving, when you are gathering with family and friends, you could also be planning a World Cup day to watch the United States take the field. And if the prospect of “Black Friday” shopping sounds downright awful, you could definitely be spending your time watching the World Cup instead. But where will you go?

You’ll want a venue that has a great atmosphere, meaning comfortable seating, and plenty of big-screen views of every play. You’ll need somewhere that also provides a fan-favorite lineup of menu selections, including traditional and custom beverages. And if you want somewhere to go that is suitable for the whole family, too, you definitely need to make plans to head over to Joe Zone.

Food, Atmosphere, and Fun

Joe Zone is the premier place to grab the best cup of Joe. It’s also a unique and exciting place to enjoy all-things sports, World Cup included. Don’t just watch the World Cup on any TV screen; watch it on Joe Zone’s big wall of screens! You won’t be in Qatar to experience the soccer tournament action in person, but it will certainly feel like you are  field-side.

If you’re not feeling in the mood for one of our distinctive selections of coffee or tea, there’s a beverage on the Joe Zone menu for every champion in your group. And when you’re ready for a shareable snack or just something to enjoy by yourself, Joe Zone serves up a host of breakfast, lunch, and heartier snacks like burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, nachos,  fries and fun desserts, capable of satisfying even the hungriest fan in your crowd!.

Joe Zone is Café-nated sports and fun! And if you need a great locale for watching the World Cup this year, come on over! Don’t forget to download the app and get in on the rewards program and start scoring big, too. Find a Joe Zone location and go Team USA!

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